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People say that time flies. They’re right. It hardly seems like 20 years since we founded the Namibia Project yet here we are, celebrating our 20th anniversary. Yes, we can’t quite believe it either.

ACS Namibia 1999 Expedition

And, it really IS a celebration. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to the wonderful people of the ACS community who have been and who still are actively involved in our charity. To our generous donors and supporters, people who have given their time freely and their hard-earned money without a second thought – thank you so much.

But now is no time to rest on our laurels. At the Namibia Project, we need to keep up the good work. There is more to do.

Namibia’s vulnerable children are still exposed to life-limiting levels of poverty. Many live without clean water, sufficient food and electricity. They often lack the means to a decent education. Sadly, as you know, we do not live in an equal world.

IIKhuta!hoas Primary School

We’re always thinking about our next project and will keep you posted, of course.

However, if you can donate to the Namibia Project, every donation makes a positive impact on the lives of those who need your support. Click here to access our secure portal.

We’ve been looking back at our achievements - and our highs and lows, too. We thought that you’d like to read more about our key milestones, why we’re so passionate about what we do and why it still matters.

Changing Lives on Two Continents

The Namibia Project’s focus on “creating life chances and changing lives”, has enabled us to make a big difference to people’s lives, both in Namibia and here in the UK.

In different but important ways, young people from two diverse continents and vastly contrasting backgrounds have been empowered to improve either their own lives or gained a deeper understanding of how we are all part of the global “bigger picture”. Sometimes, both.

Students and parents at ACS Cobham International School condense our community into one. We are far from each other, yet near.

Our Goals

Over the last 20 years, the Namibia Project’s Indicators have been the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which are time-driven and measurable:

  • Zero Hunger (SDG 2)

  • Quality Education (SDG 4)

  • Good Health and Well Being (SDG 3)

So, what are some real-life examples of these Indicators and what does this mean?

How, since 1999 have we achieved what we said we would achieve?

Well…we are a bit short of space! Thanks to you, there are simply too many wonderful successes to list in detail. Nonetheless, your fund-raising has enabled us to change many lives in so many ways:

  • The purchase of goats and chickens for vulnerable families and the provision of winter food supplements

  • Scholarships and living costs for two learners from Dr. Alpo Mauno Mbamba JS School to study at University

  • Plans to build a new hostel for 100 orphans and vulnerable children at IIKhuta!hoas Primary School, as well as accommodation for teachers, and a room for the school’s health worker

  • Masterclasses for the IIKhuta!hoas Primary School teachers, including computer lessons

  • Aids awareness workshops, as well as T shirts and wristbands

  • Construction of a community hall, a library and a craft centre

  • Sponsored workshops on sustainable learning and living at NaDEET for the children and the community

The purchase of:

  • New school uniforms and tracksuits

  • Sports equipment for football and netball

  • School furniture

  • Computers and iPads

  • Wind up solar radios

  • Solar lights for children who were studying by candlelight

  • Blankets for the school and for the community

Dr. Alpo Mauno Mbamba JS School

That’s not all.

Literally container-loads full of donations from the ACS Community have found welcome homes in the poorest parts of Namibia. One lovely family even donated a flatbed truck to take the orphans and vulnerable children to hospital, should they need urgent medical care.

All of these things, and more, are continuing to alleviate poverty and deprivation. This is a level of poverty that almost none of us in the UK have seen. It’s quite shocking – and that’s an understatement. We also know the impact that an expedition to Namibia can have, as many returning ACS students can testify.

These have often been life-changing expeditions.

In September 2015, the Namibia Project was registered with the UK Charity Commission, enabling us to continue and grow our work.


Where are we now?

The Namibia Project isn’t about the paradropping of aid into the Third World. On the contrary, in a cash-strapped country, respectful empowerment governs everything we do.

Everyone involved in the charity feels the same way: we will continue to brainstorm ideas and grow our learning and appreciation of the connections between ourselves and others throughout the world.

The Namibia Project would love to hear from you! Do you have fund-raising ideas? Why not get active (sign up for a sporting event), host a party or quiz, or even bake some cakes?

If you would like to make the Namibia Project your preferred charity on Amazon, you could start shopping by the following this link. You could even sell your unwanted “stuff” on eBay!

The Namibia Project is fund-raising with The Wonderful Organisation and the charity will receive EVERY penny donated. You can make a donation to support the work of the Namibia Project by following this link.

We appreciate your support. Long may it continue.

Click here to donate via our secure portal. And thank you. Thank you so much.

Here’s to the next 20 years.

Contact us today to find out more.

Namibia Project

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