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These words were spoken by Theresia Tjameye an 8th grade student at Dr Alpo Mauno Mbamba JS School on behalf of the ten learners who had received a solar light.

We value your relationship with the Namibia Project Charity and thanks to your support at Night for Namibia in 2019 we have been able to:

  • Purchase solar lights for the Dr Alpo learners.

  • Pay the hostel fees so that learners from llKhuta!hoas Primary School complete grades eight and nine.

  • Pay the first year university tuition fees and living costs for the tertiary education scholarship students, Oliver and Irmgard.

Oliver is studying Electrical Engineering at Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Completing the first year has been a great experience. I had a lot of adjustments to make to fit in with university studies and life. The course I am doing is challenging and requires a lot of focus.

I am so grateful and would like to thank the Namibia Project for relieving me of the financial burden and for giving me a chance to be in university and to become someone in life one day.

My deepest gratitude goes to all the donors who have made the scholarship a reality, thank you for your generosity.


Irmgard is studying for a BA in Education, Accounting and Economics at the University of Namibia.

Completing my first year has been quite an experience. It was both hectic and exciting and I have learnt a lot and feel sure that I can handle the remaining years. I am glad that I have passed all my first semester modules and exams for this semester. Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for me to go to university, it is a dream come true.


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