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We appreciate your help with our Projects and Wish You All the Best in the Coming New Year.


This is the Zulu proverb recognised by Archbishop Desmond Tutu (1931-2021) which stresses that we are who we are because of others.

We feel that our Namibia Project friends, donors and trustees are generous, hospitable, caring and compassionate to share what they have with the charity and those whom we support, UBUNTU is the very essence of being human.


Thank you to the trustees, friends and donors who supported the virtual fundraisers in 2021 and raised £17.976 which has helped us to:

  • Feed the orphans, vulnerable children and senior citizens at llKhuta!hoas Primary School

  • Purchase a class set of books for Grade 7 and blankets for the hostel

  • Buy new tyres for the school pick up vehicle

  • Continue to support Oliver and Irmgard as they complete their third year at university


Our Giving Tuesday fundraising appeal raised over £1000 (on and offline) and thanks to trustee Sue for encouraging the Namibia Project alumni family to donate and help us to reach this figure!

Some of the funds were used to provide a clothing allowance for the university scholarship students for their interviews and internships.

It is humbling to be able to give our two young people an opportunity to purchase new clothes to help with their transition from university to ‘the world of work.’


“I have no words to express my gratitude for what this scholarship has done for me. I am so proud of myself for how far I have reached. I have become a confident, self-motivated woman and know what I want to achieve in my life.

This was only possible because of The Namibian Project as you made my university journey and still continue to make it smooth.

Throughout my journey I have never lacked as everything was provided, this is my biggest blessing and I wish that every student could get this opportunity.

People should not be limited to fulfilling their dreams because of lack of finances, especially women as they are the most disadvantaged in my society.

To everyone that has contributed to this scholarship, I and my family highly appreciate you and we have so much love for you.

I am looking forward to completing my final year, next year and I am so excited.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year !”


“Dear Trustees and Donors of the Namibia Project Scholarship award.

I am Oliver, and it must be well known by now that I am one of the two lucky recipients of the Namibia Project Scholarship award.

Today, being a fourth and final year student, I write to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for making the Namibia Project Scholarship Award possible.

Your generosity has enabled me to be given a chance to better my life by going to University.

Your generosity has enabled an orphaned child from a village who had no vision or goals of one day being in university.

Your generosity has enabled me to move from my village to the City of Windhoek, the gateway to endless opportunities, where I have been able to pursue a degree in this interesting career of Electrical Power Engineering.

Looking at what this funding caters for, it now looks like not a scholarship, it is beyond that as it pays for our tuition and accommodation and gives us money for living costs, and on top of that, we were recently given a clothing allowance and were able to purchase new and nice clothes, all thanks to the NP scholarship.

This is all thanks to you because of your big generous hearts.

I am so grateful to everyone that has contributed to the NP scholarship.

I cannot be thankful enough. I owe it to all of you to be successful so that one day, you may look at me and be proud of your good deeds.”


Thank you to the ACS Partnership Director, Graeme Lawrie for a generous donation of £2000 to support the feeding of the orphans and vulnerable children at llKhuta!hoas Primary School until the end of 2021 school year. The Namibia Project is very grateful to Graeme for the donation as it has been a difficult year for the teachers and learners.


We are indebted to the generosity of the ACS families and friends who support the Charity’s University Scholarship Programme and we are grateful to Andreas, our student mentor for guiding and mentoring Oliver and Irmgard in these difficult times.

Andreas is now in the UK and is working as a Research Associate in Future Energy Networks with the Supergen Energy Networks Hub at the University of Bristol.


Discover a journey in paper and print making with Carol, a 12th Grade ACS student.

Carol is documenting her journey and will be garnering support from her peers and establishing a connection with Dr Alpo, llKhuta!hoas and NaDEET in Namibia.

Carol will be guided by her ACS research supervisor Ms Fran Bidwell and supported by trustee and journalist Vadim Nikitin.

Carol’s Communication Plan has been drawn up so that she can share her video/diary/shopping list/and ACS email address externally with stakeholders (outside ACS).

All email communications with Carol must be cc’d to Ms Fran Bidwell to comply the ACS Policy for safeguarding and privacy.

In December 2021 Carol presented her “Art Project” to teachers and learners at Dr Alpo Mauno Mbamba JS School in Rundu, Namibia.

Details can be found here.


A Zoom meeting with the ACS Namibia Project school sponsors to share background information about the Project, the Charity's Sustainable Development Goals and new initiatives for 2022-23.

Namibia Project Trustees: Rijn, Ann and Wendy met with the ACS Namibia Project School Sponsors:

  • Gwendoline Sandow (Chair of the ACS Sustainability Project/Head Sponsor for the ACS Namibia Project School Team)

  • Malcom Purcell (High School Teacher/ ACS Namibia Project Teacher Leader)

Attached information includes the following details:

  • Contact details for the ACS Namibia Project School Sponsors

  • Namibia Project Charity Trustees involved with fundraising roles

  • Namibia Contacts and the Charity's SDG Goals

  • Estimated Costs for 2022-23

ACS Namibia Project School Sponsors, Namibia Project Charity Trustees, Namibia Contacts, S
Download • 447KB

Ann and Rijn Brandse

16th January 2022


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