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This year, we’re celebrating a remarkable milestone: it's 20 years since the Namibia Project came into being, raising vital funds to support vulnerable children in Namibia.

Poverty throughout Namibia is, has been and will always be our adversary. At the heart of what we do is our passion to help reverse the dreadful impact that poverty has on so many lives throughout the country.

With your help and engagement, we’re making a real difference.

Importantly, we’re helping vulnerable people to redress inequality imbalance. Together, we’re working towards a true understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the world.


This year’s “Night for Namibia” will be at The Wisley in Woking on Saturday 30th March. This event is part of our campaign in 2019 to raise funds for Scholarships, Food Security and building a new hostel. It’s going to be an amazing evening – full of chances to bid on holidays and experiences, with many, many generous providers and sponsors.

Further to being granted permission in 2016 by the Kharas Regional Education Office to get the ball rolling, we have plans to build a new hostel (or boarding house) at IIKhuta!hoas Primary School for orphans and disadvantaged children.

Boarding House
Artist's impression of the new boarding house


IIKhuta!hoas is in a remote rural area. It’s an environment that’s seen a big growth in the number of orphans and vulnerable children of the nomadic herdsmen from the region.

Having talked to the learners, teachers, parents and community members within the local area, we became convinced that a hostel would be the best and most useful way to support these young children. Why? Because with a safe space such as this, they will now have a much fairer chance to finish their primary education.

Moreover, they’ll have stronger chances to continue their education elsewhere.

The building will provide accommodation for 50 learners and 4 teachers, with 50 more young people able to attend as day-learners.

The hostel will also provide a secure home for orphans and vulnerable children, offering them the safety and security of clean, decent accommodation, good food and emotional support. This care and protection is more likely to reduce absenteeism and school drop-outs.

Imagine: a calm, safeguarded environment with consistency and care at its centre; a safe place to sleep, and quiet places to study. A good place to be.

But that’s not all.

We’re working with an architect in Windhoek, Namibia – and we think we’ve covered all the essentials:

  • The hostel will have a dining area, a kitchen, a cooler/store room, toilet and shower blocks and a laundry room.

  • There will also be a room for a health worker, space for the housemothers and separate teacher accommodation.

Here at the Namibia Project, we’re anticipating a “virtuous circle”: we strongly feel that the new hostel will attract qualified teachers, and as a result, more learners.

This, in turn will further boost Government allowances and funds to the school. And, with more accommodation for the teachers, the IIKhuta!hoas Primary School will be able to apply for a VSO or Peace Corp volunteer to work at the school.

Everyone wins.

This government-approved hostel will encourage school attendance and go a long way towards supporting the children’s future. We feel strongly that this is a cause you will want to support as much as you can.

NfN Night For Namibia
Night for Namibia 2018


The Namibia Project exists because we want to reduce poverty and the harm it does to young, vulnerable children throughout Namibia.

We’re also driven by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals - time-bound and measurable targets to address poverty in all its dimensions.

Our goals of Zero Hunger, Quality Education, and Good Health and Well Being are encapsulated in our IIKhuta!hoas hostel campaign. We know that working with the ACS Community empowers the charity to great things, not least with the lasting partnerships we are establishing with our schools in Namibia.

Thank you for everything you do. Let’s keep working towards our goals at the amazing “Night for Namibia” on Saturday 30th March at The Wisley in Woking. See below for how to book tickets.

IIKhuta!hoas Primary School
IIKhuta!hoas Primary School


As well as booking a ticket for the “Night for Namibia” here, feel free to click here to make a secure donation to the Namibia Project as a whole.

You can become a Friend of the charity just by making a single donation. With regular donations, however, we’re able to develop our plans to help vulnerable children even more. Knowing that the Namibia Project can continue to support this disadvantaged area of the world means everything to us.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary our tag line for our campaign, “Creating spaces for lifelong learning” goes further than just bricks and mortar. It’s also about offering students a safe space – to live, learn and face the future with confidence and pride.

We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be an evening of joy, promise and…great fun, of course!

Contact us today to find out more.

Namibia Project


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